Thursday, October 9

on the Mr lurgy knitting thrifty fruit flies blogging front...

on the lurgy front, the best thing about Mr Lurgy leading you a merry dance is when he buggers off to find another partner and you are left to your own quiet thoughts, a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for getting things done comes along. 

alas his presence distracted me from my deadline path for frock sample making, however as of today i am back on track and even better than that, i am actually enjoying the track rather than dreading it. 
i have high hopes i will be sending off my samples and pattern ahead of time, (said in a whisper as not wishing to tempt fate) and this would be a grand feeling indeedy!

on the knitting front i must confess i have second sleeve syndrome. i fear sleeves and i will never be friends. can one rock the one sleeved look i am wondering?! 

i think the only way i am going to get past my sleeve phobia is to knit them flat and deal with my purl phobia. for the wonder of knitting in the round is you just knitty knit knit to your hearts content without a purly bod in sight. but knitting flat the purly bods are unavoidable and as my purling is actually rather dodgy due to me using my right knitting pin like a hook, it all becomes quite the drama. it could be i may have to learn the magic loop for i have an allergy to double point needles and my 12" circular needle is leaving my fingers all gnarly and witchy like.

on the thrifty woolly waif front things are going tremendously i cannot lie. i cannot decide if i live in a small area of woolly cast offs or if this is the norm across the whole of this big land. i now have a hanging rail full of warm fellows in a multitude of grolly sludgy colours, some i have changed buttons, some i have added felted elbow patches too and some i am thinking require knitted pockets. i have even dared to branch out from my cardigan loving ways and embraced two sweaters i happened upon. both made of wool. one in a lovely grolly green zizzy yarn with a giant roll neck and sleeves which flare at the end. it is rather tight fitting and as i struggled to get it over my head in the thrift store yesterday and haul it down over my layered frock ensemble, i marveled at two things.

 firstly how it did look quite the treat layered upon layers and secondly, i would no doubt be kept very warm and cozy if i were to wear this peachy friend. i also fleetingly thought about the possibility of a hot flush gripping me when in this tight little knitted number and a panic attack would surely follow as i tried to remove said friend in a speedy manner. a vision of getting stuck in the roll neck, flaying around madly, never to see the light of day again flashed across my mind where upon i dismissed the thoughts pronto and reminded myself i was not going to have a hot flush ever again because i had promised myself a while back and i could not go back on my word.

on the fruit fly party front in our mossy shed. thank you muchly for the all fabby and wise words folks sent me on my continuing infestation of the pesky fellows. things were starting to clear up nicely, Twig Pig received a bath and a serious hair cut by my man and i paid special attention to leftover dishes and glasses, until i fell pray to Mr Lurgy that is. word must have got out, two and a half days in bed with the fellow and the fruit flies are back i note, taking advantage of a sickly middle aged woman really isn't 'a-okay'.  

on the blogging front, each and ever day i blog inside of my head and yet it rarely finds its self tippity tapped out on colin the computer. i am pondering this event which has been going on for a while, i am pondering how when i had four children under the roof i was a prolific blogger/crafter and now i have just but one left, i appear to be unable to achieve half of the things i used to do in a day. i have pondered and pondered and i will ponder no more. that was then, this is now. i find myself at a place where i am happy more often than i am not (it took a while to reach this place) and thus i am thinking, there is no point in wishing for what has been but every point in wishing to find the happy in the every day presence and the things to come. and less i forget, the back of the toilet door can always reminds me