Monday, October 13

home ...

this jesus had a bit of a ding when he found me. on the $8 price sticker it said "he was broken for us". i liked that so muchly i kept the tag on 

the blue lady who flew across the pond after Our #1 found her at a carboot sale, has now find a fine place to hang out in until Our #1's nomading days come to an end

forsaken souls are tres good at huddling together as the days get a bit more nippy 

has been a year and half since our little bathroom was wood-paneled and the itty bitty shelves added, and i still think they are the best thing we ever did to mossy shed

my hand of fatima reminds me each morn when i rise of the magical Marrakesh travels i took

a handy dandy basket holding my winter scarves most spiffily

my girls, many many moons ago

a book collection surely is never finished

if i could, i would go back to Baja in a heart beat

but then again, there's no place like home ...