Tuesday, January 14

where there is a will, there is a diamond or two, or three, or more...

finally after spending all afternoon again trying to crack the cryptic code i am on my way!

four diamonds are complete. although i should call them fans but for some reason i got caught up in them being diamond shaped. so four fans completed, two of which have been ripped out more times then i care to mention but the last two, they just did as they were supposed to do and now?
 well now as i sit there working my way through the rows i am wondering why i could not do so in the first place. what could i not see that i see now? i still have no idea but as the crochet gods have listened to my prayers i will not question further, i will just go on my small miraculous crocheting journey for i cannot tell you just how beautiful the stitches come out in real life and i have a feeling thirteen fans will not be enough for they are most addictive and already my yarny cogs are thinking, how peachy would a big chunky 'closing fan' shawl for next fall be...

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