Saturday, November 23

an ordinarily extraordinary miracle at thanksgiving...

yesterday i awoke to an ordinary day,
by the time i went to bed it had become an ordinarily extraordinary day.
days like that are quite rare and ones that must be treasured
and looked back upon for many many moons to come.

quite truthfully, 
just the very fact my cast on knitted hat
was actually starting to resemble a hat
and not a flea bite in sight,
was something to take an ordinary day
to an extraordinary day.

but then an happening to out do any happenings
that have happened to me of late,
only went and happened.

i awoke on an ordinary friday morn
to learn that by the very same day
Our #2 would be home for thanksgiving!
our first to share in several years...
a most extraordinary thing
which truly is nothing sort of a small miracle.

yes a small miracle that has left me this morn,
 as i tippity tap this ramble
knowing she is under our roof again
for a whole live long week,
so very thankful for small miracles
of the most ordinarily extraordinary kind.
the best kind of miracles of all...

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