Tuesday, October 15

peachy perfect...

i am tres delighted with my $12 thrift store find of last friday. 

after bringing her home, i gave her a clean and then i popped her on. i noted the fit was tres peachy everywhere except a little bit loosey goosey on the shoulders. fret not i said to myself, nothing a little natty gathering cannot put right

after some consideration i decided a cluster of pins would be most fitting for her granny chic splendor. rustling around my fabby fav pins i came up with three

1: a lovely diamante number sent from across the border from Lynn Dearie and Diana Dearie (hello hello!)
2: a little vintage daisy picked up at Spitalfield Market whilst on a pottle with my granny chic partner in crime, Rachelle
3: a tiny vintage mosaic found at a vintage fair whilst visiting my folks last year to celebrate their 50 years of wedded bliss

i wore my peachy perfect coat yesterday whilst going over the hill and across the valley to gather yarn, 

photo courtesy of Anna from Tolt Yarn and Wool
i noted upon my return, my newly found perfectly peachy 'old coat' did wonders for making a monday into 'oh so much more than just a monday' 


  1. Love your coat! I found the picture of you holding the yarn basket on pinterest and was hoping, hoping that I could use it for my business card. I am opening a small shop on etsy and would love to have your permission to use it on the wouldn't be used for anything else. It's a small side project and wouldn't be widely distributed. Let me know if that's ok! It's so cute!!!
    Thank you for considering!
    ~ Kaitlyn

  2. hi Kaitlyn, alas you have not given me an email address to contact you by so i hope you do come back and read this. i am not able to give you permission to use any of my images for your business card. i use them for my own business and they are copyrighted to dottie angel ltd. thank you for asking though, i appreciate you did this and i wish you the best of luck with your etsy store! thanks Tif :)

  3. Hi Tif!
    Thank you so much for the quick reply! That is totally understandable! You never know unless you ask :) Best of luck with your business too!
    Thanks again!