Thursday, October 24

"oh a shuffling we will go" ...

on saturday i took down the old vintage shelving unit which sat atop the sideboard on one wall of our kitchen and popped it in the understairs cupboard to make a 'pantry of sorts'. this greatly pleased me as i no longer was tripping over cardboard boxes and feeling my anxiety levels rise just thinking about trying to locate whatever needed to be located from the depths of a most useful but woefully un-utilized cupboard, whilst crawling on my hands and knees.

this wonderful solution which left me jubilant also left me with a blank wall and a pile of 'misfits' on the kitchen island. but not for long! no sirree! for i had a cunning plan i had hatched just the day before when pondering the relocation of said old vintage shelving unit.

"oh Tif, pray tell your cunning plan won't you please?" i hear you cry
"why of course, since you asked so nicely" say i 
(all the time trying to ignore the little niggly itch in my ear which is mocking me from a place i cannot reach due to having a stud placed in my tragus a few months back) so banishing thoughts of relief from just a little chance to itch, i shall swiftly move on to cunning plans and spilling them...

little olive wondering if she has suitcase/housing insurance just in case...
i am sure i am not alone to have seen folks out there doing brilliant things with old drawers. well as luck would have it, i had several big old vintage drawers leftover from Gladys' 'hey days' as a pop up store and using them as shop displaying. so when my man came home from soccer on saturday morn i commandeered him as part of my master plan. i must pause here and say, i do like my man very muchly as he always seems to see my cunning plans as a priority, i think he is wise, i think he could teach our lads a thing or two before going out into the world.

and so whilst i pointed, advised, loitered and assisted in my pyjamas, dressing gown, woolly knee socks, fingerless mittens, crocheted scarf and felt slippers, he went about creating some kitchen cubbies, taking not a blind bit of notice of what i was saying and desperately trying to not take a blind bit of notice of what i was wearing

i do wish i had a picture of them before but alas i do not, because as is often the way, i was far too impatient to stop for such things... poised the momento my man stepped away, i was armed with paint brush in hand and thus from saturday to sunday, painted and pottled in-between weekend 'must dos', happy in my own little world. on sunday eve, my man having been gone most of the day, inquired had i had a good day, a day when i got lots done due to a quiet shed. i mumbled i had sort of, trying to think if i had actually achieved anything at all worthy of voicing, when Our #4 piped up "yes she has been really busy today, can't you see there are curtains now hanging on the drawer". not i might add in a sarcastic tone but one of genuine belief that using your day to hang little vintage embroidered cloths on a drawer screwed to a wall is a day spent wisely. perhaps i do not need my man after all to teach my lads, perhaps already they are wise enough...

footynotes galore:
1: my man assures me they will not fall down in the night

little loppy eyed bunny is not convinced those brackets are up to health and regulation standards
2: he can read my mind
3: tomorrow thrilling yarny notes from a mossy shed
4: "really does it get any more thrilling than that?" i wonder
5: "ummm, yes chances are high it does however we will risk it for a biscuit" say you
6: by jove Tif what a lot of pictures today

7: indeedy! i was happy snappy with frankly frank despite his winter sluggish ways