Friday, October 11

my good fortune indeedy...

on wednesday my fortune cookie said
"a new friend will bring you much happiness"
i was tres delighted by this as one never knows what a new friend might be.
it could be a little mouse,
it could be a grass hopper
or perhaps
a garden sail
all very worthy little friends
and i do not doubt, most brilliant at listening.
however, if one is terribly lucky it might actually be a real life bod
who can talk your talk

today i went out and about for a thrifty pottle with a new friend 
who found me through serendipitous circumstances
(those are the best kind)
and indeed much happiness was bestowed upon us.
i found a little forsaken fellow, 
standing proud and tall

 but with quite a hefty price tag.
my newly found friend and i decided i should barter.
so i did, pointing out he had been on the shelf since august
(no doubt because of the price upon his head).
no worries, 60% off
and happiness abounds

then in the next thrift store
as we pottled and put the world to rights.
knowing full well all around us were probably quite convinced 
upon hearing snippets of our conversation
we were indeed barking mad

on a rack of despair a most marvelous coat spied me
in granny knicker pink light wool tweedy fabricy stuff
it was really worthy of a gasp
especially after trying it on and noting the fit was perfectly perfect.
upon arrival home i noted the tag was dated today.
how lucky and how happy was that, i thought to myself
no doubt bought on from a little fortune cookie
and a new friend bringing me much happiness
and a whole lot of thrifting luck...

my good fortune indeedy

alas no picture of said granny knicker pink coat due to needing a clean pronto, but hopeful one will follow

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