Wednesday, August 14

waiting patiently...

when i had the good fortune 
to meet this little forsaken soul

i noted 
he looked a little sad
and somewhat bewildered

i said 
"little forsaken soul, 
do not be sad,
nor bewildered, 
tell me your woes, 
for a woe shared 
is a woe halved"

after which 
we had a cup of tea.
me, fruity herbal,
him, earl gray 
(with a dash of something stronger)

then we spent a 
happy half hour
in my studio,
rustling and bustling around
until we found just the thing

i noted
upon admiring his 
new natty little outfit.
"surely no bear
out there,
could possible resist
a handsome fellow
such as yourself
in a doily string vest
and paper corsage"

to which
my fine fellow of a forsaken soul,

feeling quietly confident
his 'forever and a day' love
will be found
some day soon.
and bewilderment
and sadness
will be a thing of the past...

till then,
he will patiently wait
in his string vest,
for true love
to come a calling