Tuesday, August 20

planning ahead for winter...

many many moons ago
i made a grande market sack

many many moons on,
my grande market sack
has seen many pottles out and about
and is starting to look
a little bedraggled

so yesterday,
i had an itching to start stitching,
my cogs being a little rusty
and Miss Ethel
being a little dusty,
we decided upon
the thrilling task 
of making a new grande market sack.
and as the nights will be drawing in soon,
we also decided upon
making it suitable for winter togs.

i went about
patching and piecing 
old linens 
and my precious woven ribbons 
to a tapestry floral piece,
i cut from a pillow cover
i had made earlier in the year

as i was in winter frame of mind,
i threw caution to the wind
and snippity snipped into my last remaining 
barkcloth curtain, 
for the back and the handles.

now the handles i am most happy with.
on my summer market sack
they came about by accident,
(see way way up above in second picture)
i had made tres wide straps
thinking them most suited to my shoulder.
however upon 'trying them out'
i discovered they were not at all
what my shoulders required
and because the whole bag was already complete,
and there was no way
no how
 i was unpicking things.
i folded them in half and stitched them down.
making for a narrower, thicker strap
and a pleasing flat area 
where they joined the bag

this time around,
i choose to do the same
and i noted upon doing so,
the thickness of the barkcloth
made for a most pleasing handle
with extra cushioning
for my shoulders
should i aim
to fill my bag to the brim

my winter grande market sack
is lined with the reverse side
of a black floral quilting fabric, 
(as i like it muchly better than the front)
and although the patchwork
is a little squiffy
i am most delighted with the results

it is a tres grande sack for sure
measuring in at a whooping
19" x 22" 
(handles not included)
so i have no doubt,
when the nights draw in
and the temps start to drop
and winter wardrobe mode begins,
this little sweetie
who really is a big sweetie indeedy
will become my besty best friend