Tuesday, August 27

gloriously gleaming gladys...

on sunday, we tackled Gladys outers, when i say 'we' i should really say 'he', for it was my man who tackled Gladys' outers whilst i made him a cup of tea and shouted ever so helpful words of wisdom on how to tackle the job, above the din of the power washer. upon finishing, Glorious Gladys was gleaming, i was beaming and my man, well he was realming. how marvelous was that last bit! gosh the old dusty rusty blogging cogs have still got a few miles left in them. some may say, "hang on a wee mo, Tif. there is no such word as realming" and yes they may be quite correcto and yes, they may have Darren Dictionary on their side to prove it. however from where i could see him, balanced upon the top of our Gladys, he was most definitely realming, whilst i was positively beaming and she was gloriously gleaming.

on monday, i set myself the task of tackling Gladys' inners. i was full of 'gun-ho' when i started, an hour later i was full of procrastination and overwhelming-ness. having snozzled up the dust and odd cobweb, shifted some forsaken souls from one end to the other, removed the christmas tree (oh shame of shames) i had mislaid my 'gun-ho' attitude somewhere amongst the piles. i looked for at least all of 4 mins and 23 seconds before concluding monday was not the day to tackle all of Gladys' inners, but instead to pace myself, carefully throughout the week. a brilliant cunning plan i thought to myself, closing up her door and heading back indoors. upon where i wished to reach for the kettle and make myself a cup of yorkshire tea with milk and sugar, alongside of two lovely chocolate half sided biscuits. but no, no that was not allowed, instead having not tasted a cup of tea for over 3 months i reached for a glass of coconut water. instead of digesting the most delicious choccie biccies in the world i reached for the tub of almonds floating around in some water in our fridge. as i stood there, glazed over, pondering and plotting my next moves, alternating a sip of coconut water with an inflated, water logged almond i struggled to keep thoughts of tea and chocolate at bay with thoughts of Gladys and her next journey in life.

i needed her ship shape and ready for her end of summer sale, a grand sale of vintage and handmade goodness, i needed to stay on track for this, thoughts of tea and chocolate were clouding my vision, whispering in my ear, tempting me with their deliciously warming goodness. no be strong Tif, for one weak wonderful choccy dairy filled moment will cause you many moments of crappity crap regret. 

yes ship shape and ready not only for an end of summer sale but to be ship shape for her next adventure. it is hard to believe after 5 years of looking at her beautiful curvaceous-ness every single day, she is now looking for a new home. as i tippity tap this, there's a lump in my throat, is it because i am saying goodbye to a dream, is it because i am letting an old friend go, or is it because the same old suburban setting has stifled me yet again. sometimes, you have to let go of one dream to make space for another, sometimes you don't even know if that dream you are trying to make space for, will ever come true but in the old words of an old song from my teenage years 
"you've got to have a dream, 
cause if you don't have a dream, 
how you gonna have a dream come true" 
i have to keep on dreaming and i have to keep on believing, if i am ever going to keep on surviving these years misplaced in suburbia...