Tuesday, July 16

an easy peasy 'little string of happy'...

last week if you recall i had the urge to make a grand sized 'little string of happy'. nothing complicated, nor fancy, a quick crafty fix. having seen nor hide nor hair of Mr Pesky Squirrel all spring, i felt confident this was the year if ever there was a year, to hang a grand sized 'little string of happy' between my grand sized trees and have it stay there.

i spent a happy ten minutes cutting out rectangles of fabric, i did not measure, nor do anything precise in the least, i just eyeballed and cut, placing my little rectangles in a little pile which steadily grew. i also chose to make them different sizes to each other which greatly aids things if you are eyeballing.

after which i 'ummm and ahhhed'. to leave a gap, or not to leave a gap? i decided to 'not leave a gap' and go with a prayer flag look for this little particular string, similar to the ones i sold in my store a few summers back.

quite simply, i placed them one after another in a random way, along the twill tape and fed them through Miss Ethel's mighty fine foot

here i might point out, most sensible thing would be to measure the space where you are hanging your string, i did not, i just went with a wing and prayer as i could not be bothered to go downstairs and find a tape measure long enough to measure between the trees.

after all my little rectangles were sewn in place, i folded them neatly so that i did not get in a big old twisted pickle

after which i pottled outside, spent a few moments getting in a big old twisted pickle despite having folded things nicely and attached my grand sized 'little string of happy' to one of the trees. i then proceeded to take the other end of my string and went about attaching it to the other tree, and just as i stepped back to admire the little bit of crafty goodness hanging from my trees, 

that very moment, from way way up high, higher then i dare look for fear of a vertigo moment... came a squeak, a squeak that was undeniable... a squeak that could only belong to one critter, and one critter alone.
 Mr Pesky Squirrel himself

if you too would like to make a grand sized 'little string of happy' to scratch a crafty itch, you will only need a smidgen of ingredients
* twill tape (or any other length of tape, ribbon, lace etc)
* various leftovers of fabby fav fabrics
* a handy dandy sewing machine
* thread for your handy dandy friend
* scissors for snippity snipping
and then follow the ramblings up above