Tuesday, May 7

nifty & nice... #7

today's thrilling episode of 'nifty & nice' comes from Our #1 who does have a name. oh yes she does. i did not give birth 21 years ago and look down at the battered and bruised little miraculous being in my arms and declare " i love you more than life its self and if i never do anything ever again, other than this, this will be enough and we will call you 'Our #1' ". 
no, no i did not. i said all of the above minus the 'Our #1' and instead said 'Our Meggie-May' which in turn, as she grew wiser and older, turned into 'Our Meg'...

and so it comes to be, Our Meg now lives across the pond, many miles away in the heart of London, working for the most delightfully 'nifty & nice' Lisa Levis (nee Stickley) and in her spare moments she is doing quite a few spiffy things. one of those spiffy things is feathering a nest. on tres limited funds this is happening via secondhand and handcrafted goodness which of course, has delighted moi no end. (although truth be told i would so very muchly like to be near so we could pottle and create together, her first nest)

the other day (actually the other week but its taken me this long to tippity tap about it) Meg showed on the world wide web her nifty & nice crafty jars. immediately i wished to find a little glass jar victim of my own and then i thought, perhaps i am not alone, perhaps you too may care to do the same. so for today, here is a most nifty & nice way to treat your glass jars via Our Meg, 
(be them saved from the brink of recycling or indeed as Our Meg did, found for a quid).

yippee! take it away, Meg's photos....

take your glass jar, tape off the area you wish to keep clear, pop it on its head and with spray paint suitable for glass, give it a nice even coat. might need more than 1, best to have 2 lightweight coats then 1 drippy hippy one. patiently wait for the paint to dry. if you are not the patient sort, distract yourself by learning the alphabet backwards, making a daisy chain or indeed, playing 'catch a leafy' if its autumn in your neck of the globe
when dry, add nick~nacks and paddy whacks if need be. consider it a perfect place to store crafty supplies, or perhaps tea bags and sugar in the kitchen. or if you are keen on baths, how about bath salts? i would not know as i do not have bath salts, but i could keep my cotton wool pads in them instead i am thinking

but wait, there is more... glass bottles no longer required for condiments, may indeed be perfectly suited to the same treatment, resulting in a rather peachy flower vase for your rather kitschy fake flowers (be sure to remove all labels, sticky stuff and left over inners before commencing with the tape and spray paint)
oh yes, i think you will agree, well on the nifty side of things and rather nice to boot.
thank you kindly Our Meg for letting me 'show and tell' your crafty nest moment and also, just so folks know, these are Meg's photos, so if perchance you are a 'pinner' please credit her. thank you muchly

'over and out'

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