Tuesday, April 30

nifty & nice... #5

Mr Spring is quite the tease these days.
flashing bits of himself here and there,
then disappearing again...
i imagine he's off, 
flashing someone else

however, i know
there will come a time
when he stops his flashing ways
and just gives us a bit of full exposure

i need to be ready,
i need to be ready indeedy!
being ready can be involve all manner of things,
for all manner of folks

i wish it involved having clean windows
inside and out
but alas after 5 years
and a gazillion fir trees
i do not have those.
my man did do his besty best last year
(i dared not voice it out loud)
but he was fighting a losing battle
from the beginning

however when Mr Spring comes around
for an extended stay 
i will not note the crappy film of dirt 
across the windows,
nor the need for fresh paint upon
the 'less than white' walls
after 5 years...
no sirree!
for i have a plan,
a plan where
i will distract myself
and any others that may happen
to be in the vicinity,
by pointing and saying
in quite a knowledgeable tone
(secret to folks thinking
you many know what you are talking about
and hence pay attention.
my clan are wise to it,
after all these years
but i'm hopeful
random passing strangers
will not be so)

"oh goodness, 
how marvelous and magnificent,
to see Mr Spring
and gosh, what a coincidence,
i just happened to be ready
with 2 very spiffy springy 
new cushion covers
upon the settee"

and of course
i have no doubt
those passing bods will exclaim.
"oh hurrah hooray, 
how extraordinarily nifty,
and may we be so bold
as to add,
quite simply, perfectly nice.
yes, Tif
without a doubt
nifty and nice!"

i might blush,
i might look at the ground
and not catch
any passing bods eyes
but inside 
i will feel a little happy,
just a tad
to know i was ready
for Mr Spring and his
full on exposure 

if perhaps you wish to be ready too,
if you live with high hopes
that Mr Spring will one day soon
expose himself in your direction
and need some springified cushions
in your springified nest
 you can find 
all you need to know
to make similar
'patched and pieced'

your could be just like
little olive
forget the business of patching and piecing
and just find the nearest
handy dandy blanket 
and be
ready and waiting
to welcome 
Mr Spring
into your home
the best way you know how