Thursday, February 28

"and pray, whatever did become of those floral russian scarves, Tif?"...

do you recall the lovely russian scarves, ney shawls, i found a few weeks back in our local thrift store. do not fret if you do not, i only recall it because they are living with me and i see them daily hence i am reminded of the peachy moment. for those that perhaps would like a little recalling help, you may find it over here.

after a few days of passing their floral delightful-ness laid out for all to see on our landing, my crafty cogs started to whirl and then it was a matter of 'eanie, meanie, miney, moe' and then again it wasn't. i thought it would be but then when i landed on 'moe' i could not chop up 'moe' because 'moe' was the green one and the green florally one is so perfectly suited to wearing as a shawl over a frock come springtime it would have been a crime. then it sort of immerged, 'moe' must be my favourite, but its not right to have favourites and i did not wish the others to know this, so 'moe' was taken out of the equation very quietly so the other two would not be alerted to the unfairness of the 'eanie meanie, miney, moe-ing' going on and get all in a tizzy. trying not to draw attention to my most unfair ways i continued with 'eanie meanie, miney' and voila! i had my victim my volunteer.

and so  it came to pass, with help from Miss Ethel, a lovely russian shawl of last week, was now this week, a rather lovely 'brightly sprightly' cushion cover with 'accidental' doily and linen accents

 and a welcoming addition to a chair seat in our entrance-way... 

i say accidental because that is just what it was. needing extra milage from the scarf, so i could achieve two things out of one, i attached old napkins to make the envelope back. however upon surveying the results i noted, the back was in fact my most fabby favourite side and hence it became the front, with a rather delicate doily to add a bit of doily bling to the proceedings. 'doily blinging' can sometimes be the perfect 'cherry on the top' and sometimes it can be quite the opposite. it is always worthy of a ponder before one gets too carried away in the doily department. however i felt the foreign charms of this particular doily was most fitting to my russian floral cushion cover and so i followed my doily loving heart.

and what i hear you cry, happened to 'moe' and her friend 'eanie'. well eanie is of a grand size and she still hangs out on the banister waiting for the day when a table must be laid in such a fashion her ample beautiful-ness will be required and 'moe', oh sweet pretty 'moe', the one that tugs my heart strings the most (but i cannot confess to that, however i just did, darn and drat!) hangs around by the front door waiting for Mr Spring to come a-knocking and an outing to the grocery store will require her floral ways, so she may dabble in a bit of 'bedazzling passing folks' with her glorious technicolor beauty