Friday, June 15

little olive and her aspirations...

little olive has got wind of the Olympic games coming up shortly in old blighty. not quite sure how as i do not recall mentioning it, nor catching her reading the news, but i am guessing things like this eventually find there way to even little critters.

upon discovering such an event was taking place, she inquired if she may take part. not wishing to dash her hopes i gently had to let her down. i noted that try-outs were a long time ago and all teams were full. i also told her 'four legged' folks were quite rare on such teams and perhaps she may care to look elsewhere for a spot of competing.

obviously she was not deterred and after a few days past, requested information on Crufts Dog Show. after perusing the criteria for canine companions and the categories i felt once again perhaps she was barking up the wrong tree. without wishing to further rain on her parade instead of telling her she did not qualify for any category as far as i could tell, i asked her what she felt were her special talents and indeed what categories was she thinking she may enter...
little olive then proceeded to show me in great detail the categories she would enter with a most hearty helping of high hopes

category 1: i can't see you, so you can't see me

category 2: a caterpillar pondering life

category 3 : two caterpillars sleeping

(i spy with my little eye something beginning with 'c')

category 4: listening at all times

category 5: sleeping like butter would not melt in my mouth

category 6: snuggled up in bed

category 7: perfectly tucked up in bed all by myself

little olive has high hopes for a rosette in 1 or 2 of the categories but she has shared with me, her hopes for gold are placed firmly in category 7.

i have not the heart to tell her i do not believe there are gold, silver or bronze at Crufts. perhaps there are, for i am not well versed on their awards and more to the point is, i do not have the heart to tell her Crufts does not actually have a single one of these categories. however upon seeing her display of giftedness in certain areas, (which cannot be denied), i will be writing to the top dog of Crufts, enclosing little olive's resume and photos and be asking him to consider adding several new categories before the next show...

Tif and little olive


  1. Those last two photos are adorable!

  2. A smile and a thanks! Your stories are ever so refreshing.

  3. Wonderful... Gold Medallist for sure, category 7. Olive looks so adorable and so confident in front of the camera, obviously the training has paid off!

  4. As I happened upon your sweet Olive-centric post this morn, who should come wandering in but a girl of seven just recently set foot loose and fancy free from the rigors of first grade. Within mere moments, said 7 year old made much oohhing and aawwing sounds followed by an impassioned plea the likes I have not seen nor heard in many a moon. I hated to do it, but I really had no choice but to say, "No, we can not get a dog like little Olive just now, perhaps in good time we shall." This was met with a very dramatic fall to the floor, weeping and a-wailing, and I'm quite certain there was also gnashing of teeth.

    Now she has been practicing #1 category herself with only the occasional angry grunt coming from under the covers. I fear we are in for a long day.

    Another category little Olive has down pat...#8 Inspiring a great bit of Dog Envy!

  5. These photos of little olive are the absolute cutest. I love the ones of her in the pretty suitcase with her name on it. ADORABLE!

  6. she could win the cutest little doggie category hands down.. so melty melty adorable in her sweet suitcase home. but i think she needn't worry about winning any competitions because she is is an iconic dog, like paddington is an iconic bear.

  7. Tif, I can totally understand why you are in love with photographing her, she is completely enchanting; I can imagine you could spend the day just watching her sleep!

    Could you just close up her suitcase ( holes drilled first!)and smuggle her on the plane in a couple of weeks? Really looking forward to meeting both you, Rachelle and Louise in Blighty at the end of the month for a Crafty Day, but must make sure I do my homework first - will go and sharpen my pencil xx

  8. Oh she is sooooo cute ~ and well-rested too!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  9. Cute puppy pictures, we had a dog just like yours and she slept exactly the same way all curled up and under the covers!

  10. It's a gold medal from me... too too cute xx

  11. OOooh these are just too sweet!!

    Bring her with you in her little suitcase!! :D

    Have a most happy weekend my dear.
    Sending love and hugs to you, your clan and your critters.

  12. Oh Tif she really is the cutest little girl!!

    S x

  13. What a cute little dog. She could win the cute category surely! I love her little suitcase bed. Monty Dog says woof. Lily. xxx

  14. Hello Tif, I think that Little Olive would definately win gold in all of the categories you have mentioned! ! ! And I think they should add another category titled "bringing vintage cuteness to an entirely new level. . . " and she would most definately WIN that category also. Just LOVE that little dog. And also Used Dog just as much. X X X x x x Julie :-)

  15. she is a sweetheart and should win all her categories....anyone can see she is a true winner.

  16. ...seriously ...why don't you write a book about this sweet pup...I would buy it and read it to my grandchildren (when I get some)....SERIOUSLY you are the best story teller!

  17. what a love she is! I would spend all day tucking her in too. Sweet dog.

  18. I love little Olive ... and am truly inspired by little Olive's bed... I will myself be getting a little 'Betty' tomorrow. Little Betty may not be as small as little Olive... more like 'Huge Betty' in about six months time (as she is a poodle/retriever cross) so I may need to look for a steamer trunk instead of a order to copy this truly beautiful bed...
    I am hoping that 'soon to be huge Betty' will learn to sleep as well as little Olive especially when I am working and am wondering if 'little Olive' (who is obviously worthy of a gold medal at least) gives lessons?

  19. Bonkers and adorable. Fallen off the wagon with the 'no puppy pics' though. X

  20. Your little Olive is a real star! Definitely a medal winner for cuteness! xXx

  21. Every one of these photos is utterly adorable - Olive deserves prizes galore! My pooch Bea is doing something vaguely resembling category seven now too.

  22. I think little Olive would be perfect for the high jump! ;)

  23. oh little olive is positively beaming this morning as i read out your lovely comments to her!

    she wishes you to know, she agrees whole heartedly a book all about her and her adventures in her suitcase is top of her 'bucket list' and also, to note all tucking in of suitcase is done by her, as anyone with a daxie will know, they are experts at dealing with the tricky situation of bedding and covers and over the years, their genetics have evolved to become most adept at it.
    she also says, many thankyous and woofs for such peachy kindness

    and lastly but not leastly.
    oh lola! yes, i do believe 'one day' would be perfect for pony girl, for she would make the most excellent companion for a doggie. imagine the fun and mischief they would get up to, together!

    and Ruth!
    so happy for your Betty, i am sure a steam trunk would do the trick! how wonderful for you, congratulations my dear :)

    happy weekend my dearies and to a few of you, you know who you are! see you soon, 2 weekends to go....

  24. what a beautiful post, it made me smile and confirmed yet again that I need a four legged friend in my life. I adore Olive's little suitcase bed too : )

  25. This is by far my most favorite post ever. I have a little dog and I think he and little olive would be quite peachy friends indeed.

  26. Me encanta la vida de tu perro, es precioso y está rodeado de cariño.
    Yo tengo una perra y una gata, son adorable y los quiero mucho!

  27. funny and cute!!!she's an angel!!

  28. I think gold in all categories!

  29. This is soo sweet!! Now we were just trying to decide is little Olive a Jack Russell or Sausage Dog or a mixture of Both? Or even neither?

  30. Little Olive wins the prize for 'Sweetest Dog', has she ever considered her own blog or does she prefer guest appearances?
    Carol xx

  31. Dear sweet little Olive is as cute as a button all snug as a bug in a rug!!!
    Have a happy week!

  32. mmm, just feel like going back to sleep ! tank you olive for this sweet feeling !

  33. pah to crufts... little olive need not worry her beautiful little head about such matters, for she is far, far prettier and certainly more talented in the tucking in department than all the mutts at crufts...
    just saying
    and ...
    cannot actually believe i am saying that :)
    t x

  34. Oh how perfectly cute is Olive! I've been wondering-- how did her adorable name come about?

  35. Oh, such sweet photos of Olive! She is quite precious, and full of character! xo Heather

  36. Completely adorable. Olive doesn't look like competition will go to her head either, love Posie

  37. Ahh the little doggy suitcase bed is adorable!

  38. Hi Tif and Olive,
    I love your post and I think Olive would win any event she set her mind to.
    My Kyton (a Jack Russell) thinks Olive is cute and clever and he sends lots of tail wags to her.
    Wishing you both a good week
    Barb & KKyton from Australia

  39. I have a Dachshund and a 'chiweenie' (Dachsie mixed with Chihuahua); I can totally attest to their extreme love of blankets, things to nest in, and pillows. I just got your book and have been carrying it around with me - you and your Mossy Shed family are totally my new girl crushes! Greatly looking forward to following all your adventures :-)

  40. well now let me see...

    little olive is pie bald mini daxie

    little olive's name came about because of a huge clan debate where all names i suggested were denied until we noted she had olive shaped patches. as she is also on the little side of things, the name 'little olive' seemed appropriate :)

    little olive thinks a blog of her own would be grand but alas her little legs are not good at tippity tapping away on the keyboard

    little olive says thank you for the lovely comments!

    and Tracy! eeek! neither can i!