Monday, October 31

a bit of bobbing...

willing victims hanging around the back yard
i awoke on halloween with a interesting question churning in my little cogs...
"do chickie peas like to play bobbing apples"

autumnal mushrooms making nice little resting spots for passing pesky gnomes

and it would appear, 
like most things i find with my fine feathered friends,
they do indeed enjoy a party game or two

"i think i see one"

"me first, no me first"

"i spy with my little eye"

and there is always one who tries to cheat...

she is wishing you a bit of spook and a lot of chocolate ~ Tif


  1. So cute, I just love your blogg...have a nice week, from Norway

  2. Thank you for making me smile. Chickens apple bobbing? I am a happier person just for being shown the concept.

  3. haha I bet that was fun to watch!

  4. i might be in love with these images of chickens bobbing for apples. you've made my day.

  5. How cute, I wish I had thought of that for some Halloween fun. My 'girlies' have 'Bobbed' for Raspberries and blackcurrants that my seven year old chucked in their water he was making them a fruity drink! They didn't complain :)

  6. Who woulda thunk it?! chickens love to bob for apples! I was always rubbish ending up with water up my nose and no apple!x

  7. cute cute clever you tif...BOO!!!!!

  8. Good to see the chickens joining in with the halloween fun! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Love it! Glad your hens are entering into the spirit. Just started following your blog and really enjoying it.

  10. Hello Dottie
    I received a treat today :-)

  11. The pictures are actually hilarious, love em.
    Far more successful than my attempts with smallest boy and his pal. They were both so keen, probably due to my mentioning the fantastical spooky themed prizes.
    Both little heads went for it in unison, a loud crack followed then slot of screaming. I just handed out the fantastical spooky themed prizes, took pal (head injury included) home and drank beer.
    All good fun!! X

  12. you are toooooo funny dear tif...waaay toooo funny. when i got up this morning, many tidbits of info ran through my mind, but i can promise you faithfully i did NOT wonder if my chickens wanted to bob for apples....only you!

  13. That is just about the cutest thing I've seen all day...and I've seen a lot of cute today!

  14. Thank you so much for this beautiful photos...absolutly cute!

    Send you many Greetings and wish you a wonderful Week,


  15. oh yes indeedy! chickie peas are the best sort to invite to a party... especially if Elvis or ABBA are playing :)

    oooh betty, i think you did the only thing one can do in circumstances such as these! me, it would be a cider for sure :)

  16. aahhh that is fabulous i love it ;-)) Bless them and bless you. I loved this post. dee x

  17. This is just delightful. I can't believe I haven't thought to include our chickies in family fun before.

    I stumbled across your blog recently and just adore it Tif. I also married young, had 4 kids in six years and love creating my own handcrafted vintage granny style world. My oldest is only 9 so I'm in the trenches of the parenting part of life, however, I seem to find space for a healthy amount of creating. I just ordered your book and can't wait to check it out.


  18. you are so fun Tif!! i loved seeing the chickens bobbing!


  19. hurrah for bobbing chickens :)

    ginger, how lovely of you to say hello, wonderful to hear our similarities in life and thank you kindly for purchasing the book...
    most peachy of you indeed