Wednesday, September 22

a little crafty...

Miss Ethel developed a rather raspy rattle this morning,
whilst beavering away on some goodies
for my dottie angel dearies...

after my initial panic,
i calmed myself,
knowing this in turn may aid Miss Ethel.
for i did not need my panicking ways
to be caught by her.
i suggested she have two days of complete rest
and with 'high hopes' come saturday morning,
she will be back to her usual beavering ways.
(sometimes i think i was an ostrich in an earlier life)

piles of fabrics, lace and a lot of 'whatnots'
lay all around the shed,
ready for friday.

for friday is thee grand day!
it truly is a big thing for me.
i am giddy in a good way,
not a Mr Vertigo bad sort of way
but a slightly lightheaded,
terribly exciting giddy sort of way.
and indeed, i am a little nervous too.
however i am without doubt,
quite positively sure as sure can be,
this coming weekend,
12 dottie angel dearies and i
will be getting a little crafty...

she will be back next thursday,
until then,
she is wishing you a little crafty time too ~ Tif


  1. curses! why oh why did i ever move away...

    (which is all to say, only, that i'm terribly jalouse of those still Seattle-side, and wishing you the utmost best in giggles and cheer at this grand fest.)

  2. Oh, my gosh, I am so jealous I can hardly stand it!! In my fantasies, I'm stuffing fabric and a stool into a suitcase and boarding a plane. In real life, I'm sending you lots of great wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh, I so wished to be one of the twelve but couldn't pull it off at this time. I know it will be a grand event and all will leave with arms and hearts full. I wish you all a very wonderful time.

  4. My heart's going a little pitter patter! Two more days!!

  5. Oh how envious I am of your 12 dearies! It would have been so fun to spend the weekend crafting with you! I guess I'll just have to do my thing at home, and be with you in thought. :) Have fun!!

  6. Ooh, I wish I was one of those crafting dearies that was joining you this weekend! I sincerely hope you will do another workshop like this again in the next year or so when my kids are a wee bit older and can make do without me for a few days.

  7. I sooo wish I could be there! Just look at all that sweet gorgeousness...I hope you have a wonderful time with all those oh so lucky folk who are joining you for some crafty fun!

  8. Have a wonderful weekend with your Dottie Angel Dearies,you will love it and they will definitely love it! I'm sure it will be peachey!I look forward to hearing all about it! I'm thinking praps Miss Ethel might like a dot of oil to soothe her raspy rattle?
    Rachel x

  9. ach, it sounds wonderful, I wish .....
    Have a great friday and weekend and make some nice people create! It sounds wonderful ... oh, I think I already wrote that

  10. How I wish I could be one of the dearies on your workshop. Perhaps one day I will be [by the way, you are coming back to live in the UK near me aren't you - ha-ha1].
    All the best for the weekend.

  11. I'm sure everything will be fine, who could fail to respond to your charm? I hope Miss Ethel recovers soon.
    Jak x

  12. Oooh, Tif, I hope you and the retreaters have a wonderful time. As a mature 42 year old, you will doubtless take it all in your stride. Very much looking forward to hearing how it goes. Love - Arthur

  13. i just read about your retreat sounds great. to bad i live too far away. i didn't realize that you have 8 kids. that's great! my hubby came from a big family. but wow, homeschooling them all and being crafty...where do you find the time? oh one last thing, cnn just ran a little segment tuesday about the number of parents homeschooling there kids nowadays. it is up 74% since 2007!! just thought that i would share. good luck this weekend!

  14. good great luck to you at your crafty day i wish was on the east coast...please do shoe us all the crafty things ya'll manage to create...can't wait for the pics...!

  15. can. not. wait. see you soon!!

  16. Tif! Your piles are making me giddy, knowing that my little piles will soon have friends to play with. Of course, mine are none are too thrilled about the gettin- shoved -in -the -suitcase part, but I'm hoping the excitement will make up for that. See you tomorrow!


  17. good luck, good luck and cheerio! can't wait to hear all about it. i bet the 12 dearies are very excited to meet 'tif off that blog'. you might have to sign a few autographs. catch up next week. x

  18. such pretty piles. i hope miss ethel perks up soon!

  19. dearies jessie, miss chis and jade, one day to go!!!! looking forward to meeting your crafty souls and feeling faint over your piles of vintage goodness :)

    britt dearest, i fear my profile has confused, it is dottie angel who homeschools 8 children, i on the other hand have only the 4 and they ride the bus every morning!
    i have nothing but admiration for home schooling mums across the globe, but alas i am not one of them... thank you for stopping by my little blog!

    glad to report miss ethel had a good dusting down this morning, her throat is feeling much better and she is raring to go...
    finishing up on a few things here at the shed, packing my clothes and to tell the truth, as much as i love my clan, i'm a little 'made up' to be leaving them for a few days to spend time with crafty dearies from america, canada, hawaii and even good old blighty!

    thank you kindly for your grand support in my big dottie angel venture outside of the shed, i will carry your good wishes with me :)

  20. I sooooo wish I was coming along - I hope it all goes well! I love the look of those well organised piles of vintage gorgeousness.
    Gorgeous x

  21. thank you gorgeous things!!!

    also can i add, i have huge respect for home schooling dads as well, i said mums and then afterwards i thought. how silly, there are many mums and dads who do a grand thing of homeschooling, so thought i would just add that little bit...

    right my vintage case is packed, my van is full of dottie angel goodness and i am off to the big city... see you on thursday my dears x

  22. Oh, Yum!
    What wonderful things are on that table and what a delightful thing to do. I love crafting with like-minded friends!

    I am so loving your blog. Come and visit our blog, if you wish. We are a mom and daughter who make repurposed jewelry, but find that is only one thing that is covered in our blog. We love bargains, vintage clothing and most all things vintage, paper crafts, fabric crafts, traveling and our two fluffy, sometimes white dogs, Sophie and Harvey.

    Right now we are in Croatia for our exchange student son's wedding. Such a special time!

    Suz (and Kat)

  23. oh how i wish i could be one of your little students- i am os envious of these 12 lucky ones!

  24. Love your new header or has it been up a whie now?