Thursday, September 3

thrifty thursdays... branching out

i am still trying to combat my color fears.
this week i took a set of shelves i found out thrifting, that happened to be the same as my bathroom ones but in white and decided to boldly go where i have not boldly gone before with a paintbrush.
i bought a can of pink paint, not any old soft, gentle 'be kind to my eyes' pink paint, but bright, in your face, 'i glow at night' pink paint. (i fear i am losing it completely these days, must be the lurkingness of turning 41)

two days on i am still reeling from being taken out of my comfort zone.

made worse by my need to use the paint up, after all i had spent good money on the stuff. and so foolishly, i continued to wield my paintbrush on the inside of our dresser hutch... (trust me when i say the color is rather subdued in this picture)

i got so scared afterwards that i found my handy dandy staple gun and some lace to 'cover up' my 'battling with color' moment...

i see many fabulous examples here, but when it comes to my own space i appear to lose my way more often than not...
my lovely 'doubters' cupboard of last week only became it's soft shade of blue because i had left over paint from my utility room and our bathroom. having lived with this color for over a year i knew it was a safe bet, but having run out of leftover paint i felt the need to branch out and attempt a new palette.

my man commented "ummm, is that set of shelves new?" as he shielded his eyes from the glare upon entering the shed.

"yes, i painted it today... what do you think?"
"well..." he hesitated and then continued with the 'tone of voice' from one who is fearful to offend "it's quite bright for you isn't it?"
"i know!" i broke down, "i don't know what i was thinking, i was overcome by a moment of bravery, or some might say madness, and now i have a tin of paint containing fluorescent salmon pink and a shelf and dresser cupboard that scare me."

nothing for it but to live with my new 'scary' color for a while, not because i think the color will grow on me, but more because little olive has taken it upon herself since the kids went back to school to become a 'pickle of the utmost kind' and thus making sure any free time i might donate to painting and crafting be donated to her instead...

she is off to collect the eggs with little olive and used dog in tow, in an attempt to get out of the glare ~ Tif


  1. Every time I peek into your shed I am inspired to completely redecorate my house. We had no fear of color upon settling into the cottage over 6 years ago, but now...
    Well, there are days when I almost run to the store to purchase vats of delicate creamy white paint. When I mention it to the bearded one he gives me a look that I think is meant to humor but is more 'evil eye' than anything.

    Your shelves are most brave and daring, even I might be a little 'afeared" of that level of pinkness. They do look smashing though.

  2. I like It, really I do! Especially the hutch, super sweet. Now I'm inspired to finally use my bright turquoise blue and smokin' hot pink I bought ~ as yet I had not been brave enough to take it out of the bag! How exciting, I'll let you know how It turns out.....

    Granny Chic Forever!!!

  3. I think the colour looks great, but I know how distracting something new and bold like that can be. I bet you'll get used to it soon and will be able to just plain enjoy it!

  4. I think the colour works very well inside the dresser.....actually the shelves are kind of growing on your mine I would be screaming and crying!!

  5. Yay for taking a chance on something new! I had to go back to the hardware store this week for a more subdued shade of yellow for the interior of my big white wardrobe. It did the trick and I'm so glad I didn't just put up with it. HOWEVER, I'm partial to most pinks, bright or not. I like your idea of giving it some time. See how things are feeling in a couple of days, right? Just in case you later LOVE it!

  6. I'm liking the pink shelves, they are bold and true!

  7. Oh yes, I like the dresser hutch shelves painted. It really shows off the cups and saucers beautifully!

  8. I for one am loving the pink. It looks so good in the hutch, and on the shelves. Keep on being brave, you have a great eye for objects and colour so.. go crazy! xo

  9. Salmon is an intriguing colour (I always take my cue from how it is spelt, personally... if it's not phonetic, then you know it'll be tricksy!) Small doses, tiny steps...? Fabulous post - you always make me laugh out loud :) K

  10. fabulous fabulous fabulous!
    i love the pink!
    and i love the make shift curtains for the kitchen hutch! i just pulled a similar move with a gorgeous blue doily table cloth that i hung up as a curtain!!
    i am inspired by you and your staple gun!!
    go girl!!

  11. it's exactly the same colour as Germolene!

    I quite like it actually.

  12. I like it.I can almost smell the 'Germolene' goodness! You do remember Germolene?!

  13. what i adore most about this post is that, to a color girl, that actually looks quite subdued!

  14. mmmmm.... a little too pink for me.....
    but then i too am a little "shy" of colour - i am after all a girl who at the age of four announced her bestest colour was indeed grey.....
    this has never changed

    as for wee olive - i fear that there is no hope - my own sweet cricket is pushing me over the edge with his incredible naughtiness - i am almost at my wits end with the scamp.... truly
    i cannot knit or crochet when he is awake for he hears the sound of yarn from another room - totally yarn obsessed..... i would resort to a little sewing but my heart is just not in it - it must be due to the fact that Autumn is approaching and another cold snap looms....

    love to you and catch up real soon
    t x

  15. I love that color! I think the little shelf and the cupboard both look great.

    I always like a good combination of bright and light and I have to disagree that you don't know what you're doing!--you hit that nail right on the head. It's perfect.

    (But keep in mind that you may want to take my words with a grain of salt. I love a good dose of 'hot and tropical' pink--so to me that particular color looks quite 'tame'. And, I know how it feels to stick with a color you don't like. It'll drive you crazy!)

    ~ Jennifer

  16. I love colour, but must admit to finding that one scary too. Germolene is the word for it! There's always the 'thin coat of white matt waterbased paint, rubbed back' solution if it all gets too much. Loving 'Olive'! I picked up black and tan 8 week old mini daxie last Friday, no peace now!

  17. I personally love it! I think the pink looks great in your space... Although, I understand how you feel. I felt much like that when I painted my dark stained table WA-BAM bright orange for the craft room in my old apartment:

    I was blinded at first too, and could not believe what I had done, but then I got quite used to it :)

  18. oh no no no madam...but i love that colour. it is very dottie to me. it's very 50s non? i especially like it inside your dresser...hutch was it? yes, especially there. i hope it grows on you. keep us posted! x