Friday, June 12

me, Miss Ethel and Jim...

Miss Ethel and i were spending quality time together yesterday when the phone rang.
"er, yes... hello, this is Jim here"
my little heart quickened... here was a man who had something i wanted and i wanted it badly.
"i've got the parts for your dishwasher, can i come by now?"...
"oh yes!" i gushed.

Miss Ethel and i resumed our 'quality time spending' for a further three minutes before the phone rang again.
"er, yes... Jim here again, it would appear the parts aren't the right ones, so i won't be out to you until the end of next week."
and then i heard myself gushing again, saying things like "oh thank you so much, that's great... don't you worry about it" ha ha ha "just call me when they come in".

why, oh why would i say that, when inside of me i wanted to scream,
"hey Jim, the honeymoon period is over, the vacation time is done... i want my machine back, you can forget the Waltons and all that stuff. no one is playing fair in my house. Jim Bob and Elizabeth helped their mother... for crying out loud, i'm going nuts here"
but i didn't, i did the proper thing and thanked him kindly for getting my hopes up and then squidging them into the ground.

nothing to do but to locate my 'rose colored spectacles' and go outside to work on my 'dottie angel' installed washing line for up and coming 'event'
(and no i haven't changed my name to Don, you have to do a little bit of scrolling and right at the very bottom you will find little old me.)

after which i came back inside and reacquainted myself with Miss Ethel ignoring all the piles of dishes on the side...
together we have made two slips, two apron wraps and a bag for my little shop, which i will list tomorrow.
i wish to keep one of the slips and one of the wraps for myself.
this is against the rules. i have special rules that must not be broken... i never set about making something for the shop and then keep it for myself. that's against my code (what code i don't know, but once again i have this thing in my head that i must adhere to).
now i have been thrown into a 'to do' by my 'wanting' of these things...

but there it is, i have an apron wrap on my studio table with my name stamped all over it and yet i can not have it.
as to the slips... whilst pondering yesterday (some may say procrastinating, but i like the word pondering today), i figured out a way to customize some half slips with side slits, just a bit of trickery and they become pretty skirts for any event, be it a ball, a wedding, washing up loads of darn dishes, feeding the chickens or leaving one's daydream cottage and heading down to the beach...

i am most happy and i feel dottie would approve nicely, which of course we all know that's what it's about in the end.

she is wishing you a 'peachy' weekend and will see you on monday ~ Tif


  1. so lovely photos...
    love you`re blogg..

    hugs from moa

  2. Washing line is beautiful. I love the birds. Machine failure sucks, but alas I too would have said ''yes that's fine, by all means come next week.'' Whilst inside I would have been like a seething Mount Etna ready to tear his head off. I must learn to channel my real emotions more, it may get me further. I wish you hope and luck to get you through the week.

  3. Oh tis lovely, that there slip skirty business. and congratulations on the upcoming event.

    Jim is too cruel, heartbreaker!

    Ourselves have measured six ways to Sunday the wee cottage kitchen - and a dishwasher refuses to squeeze in. Damn the luck. I haven't quite mastered the day dream while washing up distraction. I'll have to keep trying.
    Must run, the new construction next door (that has violated our peaceful backyard for 2 months) is making a sinister move towards my dahlias.

    Take care but, take risks

  4. how gorgeous...
    love the detail on the skirt...
    great work with the washing line...

  5. Unfortunately I seemed to have caught your Lurgy last week, and missed out on all of last week's postings (too busy throwing up on my desk at work I guess). I am AGAIN completely aghast and amazed at how you have made a small idea enormous, made light out of dark, and made the world that much more dottie. You are so so SO amazing Tif, and I only wish I had a smidge of your talent and creativity!

  6. why you lovely sweet things... my cheeks are flushed with your kindness.
    enjoy your weekends with or without a dishwasher :)

  7. Oh, do I love that wallpaper. The new skirt is so different from all the others and I like it! Especially that it's two layers.

    I'm so thrilled for you and your exhibit. I can't imagine how excited you must be.

    I could hear my kids repeatedly saying 'Dottie Angel' as they were playing, this evening. They were chanting it at one point and giggling away. (Apparently, they'd overheard me mentioning your little business on the phone recently.)

    Enjoy your weekend!
    ~ Jennifer

  8. That lurgy has been spreading. I believe my computer has even caught something. It's been acting up on me this evening. So pardon me if my last comment came to you more than once!

  9. here's an idea Tif...

    maybe, just maybe you could wear that apron wot has your name stamped all over it (i guess as you made it you stamped it ~ or did you use one of you new labellers!?) to the launch party of your upcoming exhibition... you would become part of your own installation... perfect!

    love the washing line btw, and can't wait to see all the lovelies you and Miss Ethel have been working on... :)

    oh, it's lovely to be back in blogland proper like!

    speak soon my dear,

  10. how very "english" of you ......
    we english are awfully good at saying sweet things and smiling whilst a massive rage burns inside!
    i myself am an expert at this technique and seemingly so are you :)
    naughty jim ;)

    loving the new slip and i will keep my eyes peeled for coffee sets that simply must join your wallpaper xxx
    t x

  11. i adore the first photo in this post. it would look fab hung on my laundry room wall. i'm just saying ;-)

    don't let jim toss you about - make him get that dishwasher back to you asap!

  12. I just found your blog on an etsy spotlight today. You have a sweet little place and etsy shop. I live in Auburn, WA so we are close. I was looking at the event that you talked about that is coming up, but could not figure out what day that was going to be. I would love to come and see your work.

  13. Just stopped by from Apartment Therapy & think you have just the most darling blog! Love your etsy shop too...hmmmmm I'm pretty sure we'll be back!

  14. Now...see here - I knew we liked you - we just read your "about you" page - two airstreams...that's it! Our dad & brother refinish airstreams....we grew up with them all of our lives!
    By the way...hope your machine gets fixed soon!!

  15. found your blog on apartment therapy...LOVE it. I want to be Dottie Angel too:)

  16. You really meade me hand a garland in my garden this week end after I saw your pictures. And today I bought a Sisal washing line to put in my garden and to add more fabric triangles to it. i will be looking forward to hanging up the laundry now!