Friday, May 15

a parting of the ways...

i have two gripping pieces of info to share with you today...

gripping piece of info #1:

in my despair at graying rapidly and feeling a frump, i had a close inspection of my coif. i have discovered a small slither of hairline that shows no wisdom yet. this fantastic, ney brilliant discovery has aided me greatly in breaking up my hair wearing routine. for four weeks i shall part my hair on the side, when those pesky gray hairs come back to haunt me i shall then part my hair in the middle, thus adding a eclectic vibe to my 'hair wearing' and a 'will she or won't she' feel to my morning routine.
(doesn't get more gripping than that does it!)

gripping piece of info #2:

my sweet chickies are in the coop.
for mother's day, my gift was a finished coop, i can't think of a nicer gift in the world then a finished duck egg blue chicken coop with some natty bunting...
i am pleased to report, my little chickie peas have settled in most well, and after a day or two have figured out the ladder as well.

she will see you on monday ~ Tif


  1. look at those chickies! I'd love a home like that too!

  2. Wow, those little girls are cute! They all look like Meez and Doc! That is a really awesome coop design! I espesially like the little flags hanging on it!

  3. love the new look side bar!!!!
    very fresh...
    reminds me of holidays and sunshine,
    makes me miss the warm weather...
    your coop really puts mine to shame...
    loving the colour...

  4. They are so cute! It's a lovely coop you've got! All 4 of my hens are nesting today :0)

  5. The new side bar is fantastic! I feel so inspired as usual.

  6. I love the colour of the coop. It goes really well with the chickens. Wonder how long it will last looking that clean? ; ) Yes, I am a bit jelous.....

  7. I really like your coop! It's so different than any others I've seen.

    Ours is coming along a little more slowly as we work on other more top-priority construction around here but two of the sides are sided now. And, the roof got shingled last week. I still need to find some vintage windows for it but I'm hoping it'll get finished sometime this summer!