Friday, January 16

new year resolutions...

(in no particular order)
1. to blog regularly ("ha, ha, ha.....ha, ha, ha", okay...funny, funny, that's enough, you can wipe the tears away and refocus now)

2. to become a fabulous cook, (don't even attempt a single "ha" at this one)...embracing the two vegetarians living in my fold...and to achieve a household not unlike 'the darling buds of may'...

3. to thrift only once a month (gulp) break my addiction. i have already used this month's worth up, so it's 'cold turkey' until february. (i'm deep breathing into a paper bag as i type this one...) and more to the point, 'blog about' it...

4. to stop putting up pics of my 'where have you been all my life' chair and 'miss indie' more than once a week, for fear of becoming 'dull'...

5. to only shop 'handcrafted' and 'secondhand'...this may prove tricky for the kids birthdays, but i am already thinking a nice knitted 'cozy' for our 4's 'game console' would make a lovely gift for when he turns 11 in May. on second thoughts that could be the defining moment in his life when he realizes he is looking forward to leaving home...

6. to reduce my chocolate intake by a drastic amount, so far i have clocked up 16 days in January and i have put away 10 crunchie bars, 2 curlywurlys, 4 dark flakes and 1 large bar of cadburys...not to mention my daily dose of chocolate spread on toast. this is a disgrace, i am forty years of age, i need to grow up and become responsible for my actions. i have reached an age when i must start to take better care of my 'body' and fight the aging let it be known from this day forth i will limit myself to one chocolate bar on a friday and saturday night... (a little pause whilst i grab my paper bag again)

7. to finish painting out all brown wood trim at the shed, including the skirting boards...this may go some way to explain my 'missing in action' the past two weeks...and also to paint all walls 'ultra bright white'...having just finished the lounge/dining area a few days back, i looked around to admire my work. our #4 came in and announced his approval..."oh yes this is much better, it reminds me of something, oh that's of those fancy airport lounges" i am happy to take that as a compliment as apposed to our #1's comment which was "ummm, i see we are really embracing the 'insane asylum' look for this season"

8. to become a 'chicken' owner...and dress accordingly at all times...i am thinking chunky boots, woolly tights, old overcoat over the top of a dressing gown...wild hair tamed by a knitted beret...all with a vintage slip peeking out below. a few blocks from here, i saw a little 'old dear' feeding her cows in the field, she was dressed in such attire and i could tell she was at 'one' with her animals and they appreciated her 'wild and woolly' look...

9. to pull my socks up with 'dottie angel' and really make a 'plan of campaign' for her future...

10. to try hard to remember every day what a 'lucky duck' i am and to embrace the last few years i have left, before our first born 'flies the nest'...

she's wishing you all a 'happy new year' and has a 'tale to tell' on Tuesday about 'her man' and his 'christmas gift' ~ Tif


  1. Hello! thought I'd de-lurk to say that seems like a perfectly acceptable amount of chocolate, but then I am typing this with a Mars bar in my hand...

  2. Having a few years on you giving up chocolate or reducing drastically your intake will not make a jot of difference to the ageing process- it will just turn you into a binger.

    I do believe anyone can learn to cook if they want too.

    Happy New Year by the way.

    I will never tire of photos of Indie – in actual fact I am thinking of campaigning for more.

  3. Get list! #5 is hard when it comes to boy bday presents. And #6, I'd rather walk more than give up my chocolate. :> I love seeing the old people who walk in the morning. You can tell they've been doing it for years and they're vitality is such a contrast to those who've been couch potatoes. Best wishes on the thrifting and cooking! I love

  4. oh if i squint at just the right angle...i could well be in a village in england...with a flock of chooks(3 and 5 new chicks)...a couple of horses(well shetlands -don't they count)...a cottage covered in ivy (well grape vines)...and a herd of kids(well three-but that could be classed as a herd) and not forgeting the pub close at hand...o my gosh i think i am living in a eposide of the darling buds of i just need to transform myself into catherine zeta-jones and i'd be can do it to tiff, just squint at the right angle...

  5. nice to have you mad as ever...happy new year...

  6. i'm loving the idea of a knitted cozy for your 11 year old's game console. and i'm thinking that you already dress like a chicken owner and that you are slowly turning into barbara from the good life. which isn't any bad thing, since she is a heroine of mine.

    happy new year! x

  7. I made #5 a resolution mid-year, last year. It's going so-so. It's a tough one! But I'm not giving up. My daughter's easy enough to find for, but the boys are another story.

    Welcome back! Looking forward to pictures of you in your 'wild and woolly' look.

  8. remeber dark chocolate is good for you! its allowable *g* ...and caffien is good for your skin too..or so I have read and held onto with both hands.. *slowly sips coffee then takes a bite of dark chocolate*

    I'm trying to live a mroe handmade life.. but there are still things that must be bought at birthdays.. its not a birthday without a new book and a new dvd to watch... but I'm trying anyway. good luck with keeping yours... though I don't know how you will ever be able to only thrift once a month.. what happens if there are two great estate/yard/carboot/thrift shop sales on? once in a life time fabulous stuff you must must must have or else you will die and it won't matter how much chocolate you don't eat?

    hmm perhaps I need to lay off the chocolate and coffeee a bit.. you think? *l*

  9. tif, please! surely no.6 is a joke - it's not worth getting out of bed in the morining if there's no chocolate!!!

    i'm grining just thinking about what the 'tale to tell' might be...


  10. now - you know i love you right??
    so please heed my advice dear friend and DO NOT give up regular thrifting and regular Choccie intake at the same time..... are you mad woman?
    on another note..... the wild animal keeping look is a great one - i sport it myself - only today i washed the old straw barnet in the kitchen sink (still no bathroom) and removed real straw, a lump of plaster and a rather large piece of sticky tape that i had no idea was there.....
    i had to wash my hair three times and condition twice for crying out loud!
    my only plan for this year is to brush my hair more often and to look less like a bag lady....
    heres hoping...

    (perhaps i shall purchase a dottie vintage slip to make my scraggy look a bit less "mad woman" and a bit more "stylish farmer"

    Happy New Year lovely Tif

    t x

  11. So glad you're back, was beginning to worry about you.
    You should never ration chocolate, not if you want to remain anywhere near sane!
    The above goes for thrifting too.
    I think you'd look good as a chicken Lady, you have the ankles for it.
    You've inspired me to create something doilified, pop over and check out my bedroom pelmet. Love Fi x (practicing Ma Larkin look-a-like...well I have her hips and bosom)

  12. I'm with you on #3, in fact, I am going cold turkey all year until I can significantly sew down the stash. 17 days and counting!

  13. Hurrah and happy new year!

    Please don't resolve to give up on chocklit and thrift shopping and lovely pix of your home, swag and Indie and Used Dog.

    Also say yes to chickens and possibly a goat.I would love to have my very own goat.


    E xx

  14. You crack me up. I love your style, your needlework, and your perspective. Looking forward to your 2009 posts.