Wednesday, November 26

taking it easy...

my mistress, Miss Tif says she's been a little 'snowed under' the past few days...

she is happy to report her 'tees' were well received at the 'holiday craft' show on sunday and since then she has been 'scrubbing and cleaning' mossy shed in preparation for her folks arrival (which was last night)...

it will come as no surprise to you, dear readers to learn that 'cleaning' has been the last thing on her mind as she clocked up eight straight days with Miss Ethel...she now has new 'slips' and some 'tees' waiting for their moment to shine in her little store, but to be frank she is a little 'pooped'...

she's taking it easy just like me, for the next few days...spending quality time with the family.
in the assured she will be back next week with her
'christmas-crafty-how-to' (oh yes, i can feel the excitement growing already)
and with a bit of luck some 'new wares' in the shop window.

Tif's wishing you a happy thanksgiving and so am i ~ India Rose


  1. so glad your tees went well (knew they would!)

    happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Enjoy the time with your family.

  3. India Rose certainly knows how to work the camera!

    there's some lovely new yarn and a few cute buttons around here ;)

  4. Beautiful cat, she looks so content and happy :-)

  5. Lovely to meet you India Rose. I'm sure Tif deserves some time off. Glad you're taking care of her interests!

  6. love the pictures...too cute...
    so glad it all went well at the market...
    happy thanksgiving...
    i hope it was a lovely day for all...

  7. Maybe a craft book giveaway would help the 'pooped' mood.....i'm getting my house in gear for xmas and have books to share!

    Oh..and i went to a 'market' of handmade stuff today and there was someone there doing the 'dottieangel' slip thing ...but badly. Oh so BADLY. I was shocked and then horrified...and apparently in one of those 'out of body' experiences i get(!) my husband heard me say..oh these are cra*. Tif wouldn't spit on these if they were on fire'. I wasn't aware i'd said it out loud until husband hastily dragged me to the exit!


  8. Miss Tif is adorable! Funny thing is, she looks just like my kitty, Sophie. Amazing similarity with the black rimmed nose, coloring and blue eyes!

  9. Pardon me, Tif, I see that your kitty's name is India Rose, not Miss Tif. Ooopsie!

  10. Please tell your mistress how neat and tidy her home looks and how much I love her wall paper..have a lovely week...looking forward to the top tips...H

  11. Where on earth did you get that beautiful couch???? It is just the style I've been looking for!!!