Friday, June 20

school's out...

so once again a week flies on by and i am looking back wondering where the days have yarn project has been stuffed back in the suitcase for another day, quite frankly i need to stick to rectangles and squares...circles are not my thing. i had planned to spend last thursday evening correcting my circular cushion disaster but as our #4 ended up requiring stitches to a wound he received running into his drum kit, it was not meant to be...

a few days on and his 'war wound' is looking just great, quite amazing to see how fast young skin heals...(i am still nursing a cut received on my shin by my platform bed several months ago which appears not to want to fade in any way at all)...i have also been wrapped up in end of school events...three of my 'dears' are changing schools next year so lots of goodbyes needed to be said, add to this 'the worst weather' since records began for spring, it's been a strange old week...

i did however on the morning of 'the last day' pull out Miss Ethel and give her a whirl, i have been motivated into this by our #1, she kindly pointed out that i was not unlike the Roman Empire...

"mother" she said "that would perfectly describe you and dottie angel, this time last year you were riding high on selling slips but a year on you have let it all go just like the need to pull it together and before it is too late."...after making three slips i sat down with a cup of tea to watch the clock, counting the minutes and thought to myself, "i think i've still got it"...

and so as i pack my bags and head across the pond to rest awhile with my parents...i shall use the time wisely to work out a schedule that sees me finding a balance between...

1. motherhood
2. remodelling mossy shed
3. building a hen house
4. doing up Gladys
5. keeping a family of six fed from a veggie patch
6. dottie angel
7. etsy
8. baking edible treats
9. pulling it all off effortlessly
10. turning forty with style...

she's wishing you a lovely month and hope's to be back, in control at the end of july ~ Tif


  1. those slips are stunning! so beautiful! have a wonderful trip!

  2. Ooooh, I do hope those slips will appear in your shop at some point... hmm?

    I've been wanting one of your beautiful slips ever since Miss Emily over at The Black Apple blogged about them back in May '07 ( Pleeeease make some more slips someday! They're so beautiful, and you've definitely 'still got it'! :)

    Have a safe, fun trip! :)

  3. ohhh so glad to see the slips! I have missed them so. Can I borrow that chair while you across the pond? Have a fab trip!

  4. beautiful slips! they are totally georgeous. love the little chair too.

    have a lovely trip!

  5. love the chair what a amazing shape..
    by the way 'how do you turn 40 with style'
    i'm pondering it myself...?

  6. bon voyage! please pack sunshine for england : )

    don't be worrying too much about the balance. you do a great job from what i can see. and gorgeous slips by the way! x

  7. Whoa, Tif that chair looks amazing! Pottery Barn ain't got nuthin' on you babe!!!

  8. Hope you have a great break and come back revitalised and ready to stitch!

    Beautiful slips and I love your blog - so pretty!

  9. Just caught up on all your news. The place is really taking shape, and you are as funny as ever.
    The slips really are gorgeous. I really do want to own one. Actually I really want to make one but my plans are rather slow to come to fruition, and I am only learning to sew. I think one of yours would be so lovely! Now just need to recapture the type of body that might look good in a slip! Enjoy your holidays. Current weather here in Norn Iron is not good so I imagine it is only mildly better on the mainland.

  10. I think we all have a list similar to that that we're trying to figure out. Love the new slips and the chair. Hope you have a lovely and relaxing time over here. Bring some sunshine with you please.

  11. I just found out about your slips and I was dying to buy one. They are just so so so beautiful!!!

    Please say that you will have a huge shop update!! Although of course motherhood is the most important.

  12. I love the chair, and the gorgeous thermos on the floor behind it! You make such beautiful slips, you've definitely 'still got it'. I know I'm far behind on wishing you a safe trip {I've been on a little blogging 'break'}, I hope you have a wonderful time!

  13. What beautiful slips. Reminds me of Gosford Park.

  14. Hey I lost your bookmark, aol thought it fun to deleat them all...Just found you again and I am so inspired, yer as usual, I adore this place...

  15. I've just found your blog through belle and boo, I hope you had a great trip and love those slips :)

  16. tif, we are missing you. whether you are still enjoying the glorious (hhmmm) weather in england, doilifying your dog, or performing a triple pike in beijing, come back soon!

  17. Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often form now on!

  18. dottie where are you???? is tif holding you captive in gladys feeding unnamable creations from her crockpot? please let us know you're alright...a concerned friend :)
    p.s. tif if you're reading this - let dottie free - let dottie free - let dottie free!

  19. dear tiff,
    please start blogging again. I'm aching to see something new and lovely from you, and since my efforts to will you back into blogging have failed, I will now try begging. oh please send you blog fans a pretty little bone soon!

    your ever so diligent blog reader ,

  20. Hi Tif, I've been missing your posts this summer, and hoping all is well. I hope your vacation was absolutely perfect!

    ~ Jennifer

  21. Are you coming back? We miss you!!

  22. oh you dear lovely cheeks are flaming red with 'guilt' at having left you out 'there' for so long...scrolling down to write these little words of 'thanks' i happen my words of "see you late July"...i can only say "thank you" for caring about me...i am back and hopefully here to stay ;)

    Tif x