Friday, October 5


well you have warmed me with your lovely words on the house...i really enjoy reading your comments and your thoughts...and i must add without sounding too soppy i hope, that you have really been a wonderful support to me in my 'ups and downs' of trying to move...

our #1 announced to me the other day after dropping by my blog that she felt my readership was probably falling asleep these days as my posts were rather dull. my little heart was gripped with panic and my brain thudded with the worry of "well, maybe you are becoming a bit tiresome and dull".

then last night our #4 announced he would like to start a blog. "very well" said i, "how about you start it when we move" (great delaying tactics)...he then asked what a blog was for (classic example of wanting something even though you don't know what you would do with it). my man said it was a place to voice your opinions..."oh" i said "i thought is was an online diary, i have always written mine like a diary, i'm not sure about putting my opinions out to the world" and so followed a big discussion on blogs and why people do it...

our #4 has decided to write about moving to a new place and the trials and tribulations of building a tree house and trying to think of which animal (apart from the obvious chickens) that we should add to our menagerie...

i on the other hand will try to make my little blog a bit more of a 'zippy' read for fear of having to blow cobwebs off my sleeping readers and to show just what a very interesting post this one turned out to be, i give you a picture of the 'growing' cushion cover which must be finished in time for the move. it wasn't until i had knitted 18" that i realized this pattern is a very thinly disguised 'moss' stitch little number...which would explain the incredibly slow progress i am making...

Tif ~ ("oh is she the one with the dull blog", "no, no you have her muddled up with someone else, she's terribly entertaining. she always has interesting line breaks in her posts...")


  1. Dull-you are not. I understand you are knitting a pillow cover? That should be a dress or a skirt, with all due repsect to cushions...they don't get out much!

  2. You're certainly not dull Tif, we can't be all singing all dancing all of the time can we?! Sometimes there's lots of stuff to talk about, other times it's nice to just write a few words or show a few pretty pictures. Keep it up, you'll have lots to tell us when you move into your new house (which I love)
    Gill x

  3. Tif
    I find your blog really interesting, in fact when I am reading it I am all the time thinking, why can't I be more like Tif!! te he
    So dull you most certainly are not! big hugs from Ireland to you and your family in your new home.x

  4. Your blog is far from dull. :) It's witty and fun and very charming. And one I visit every day. It never fails to make me smile.

    I absolutely love the color combination and pattern of the new cushion cover!

  5. I'm still awake! Our house still loves you. :)

  6. yes, i admit i only read your blog for the interesting line breaks. i'm going to start a blog dedicated to that.
    anyway, as the others have said, you are not dull. something random and bonkers usually happens to you just on the way to the supermarket, which is surely a gift.

    your cushion cover is lovely by the way. perfect colours together.

  7. you dull.....
    i will not allow it to be mentioned again!
    your blog and emails cheer my day up no end - i actually wish our grey house were able to sit side by side - and is that an airstream in that picture????
    see - never dull.
    a little mad
    but never dull.
    have a fun weekend
    tracy x

  8. I don't think your blog is dull at all!! :) I always enjoy reading about what new things you've been up to! :) Keep it up!! :D

  9. It's never a dull moment with you, you are aware of this yes? Even when you talk about being dull you crack me up.

  10. I still enjoy reading your blog! Have you tried highlighting your text and then pressing the 'align left' text icon thingy (sorry to be so technical!) I have to do this to get my posts to look neat...

  11. Dull!!! Who are you kidding, its not us readers thats for sure...
    Love the knitting
    Suzie Sews

  12. Hi Tif,

    I feel that a blog is yours to do what you wish, don’t worry about what people think, weather it’s dull, etc. Afterall, you do have a life outside your blog + you have your hands full with house hunting, taking care of your family + also, keeping those crafting vibes going. I don’t even have time to create a blog, I think its great that people like you have one, i really like your blog, even with the ups and downs, that's real life. your knitting is so lovely, i used to knit before i had my little guy, i know how long a row takes to knit for ever!!