Monday, September 24

Mr Motivator, hear my cry...

what is wrong with me, i have counted back the days from when i closed my little shop and it is quite shocking how time has gone by. i have been caught up in the real world and house hunting, to the point that i have lost my motivation. i look around my house and every room there is an echo...the other day i drove up to my garage, accidentally pressed the garage door opener and half the contents of my garage fell out onto the drive...i need to refocus, i need to get motivated and i need to stop with the procrastinating (my extra special talent)...

as i am still looking for a house, i am not prepared to unpack anything...i hear cries from around the house "i need a photo for a project from when i was a baby", "i need a math book" or "i would like to play a board game" to which i reply "bad luck, it's in the garage", "i'm not unearthing it" or worse still "no games to play, go watch TV"...oh the horrors of a 'Mother trying to Move'...i do not like what i am turning into...things like "don't touch the wall", "pick up those smelly socks" or "who's 'left-over remains' in my living room does this belong to" have become day to day vocabulary to me...

my man told me a few days back that there were two things i had to do, 1. find another house and 2. unpack my studio and get back to work...he is so very right i know. so i have given myself two weeks of house hunting and then if nothing comes of it, Autumn will be setting in and we will bed down for the Winter and start again in Spring. then i will refocus, i will unpack my studio and i will stop PROCRASTINATING...

and as this little blog of mine is supposed to be some what crafty orientated and it has been sadly lacking in a lot of that for a while, i thought i would share a little project that i worked on as i 'licked my wounds' over the yellow house (last time i mention those two don't believe me do you). to stop the echoing in the dining room that i now own, that have no use for but can't quite be bothered to haul the table back up the stairs to my studio, i decided upon a tablecloth.

so with a mixture of old linens, doilies, a pillowcase (sent from my lovely cyber friend Laura) and an old retro tablecloth, i went about cutting, patching and wondering if there is a market out there for such tablecloths...when my long lost 'motivation' returns

off to sweep up the dog hair in her echoey house and thanking you all for the birthday wishes ~ Tif


  1. tif...

    i love that tablecloth....beautiful! i think they will be a hit if you offer others for sale(i also like your aprons i saw on your website)

    as for procrastinating...i just unpacked boxes this weekend from moving to our new house 2 years ago!

    i wish you luck house hunting sweetie...

    xo laura

  2. ah tif,
    totally understand the being good at procrastinating, am an expert at it myself. i found your blog while the shop was closed in july, so if you do find your creative spark calling you back to the shop, i'm anxious to be a new customer!

    the tablecloth is very fun and creative. ah, if only i didn't have a messy little toddler who likes to fling his supper about, i might put a pretty tablecloth on my table too. someday!

    have a lovely day,

  3. I just love that tablecloth! I am like a stuck record at mealtimes - instead of barking orders i could just point to the relevant embroidery! It's inspired Tif.

  4. If my opinion counted for anything, I'd say there's definitely a market for tablecloths like that. Very creative and it looks great!

  5. Fantastic:)
    Tablecloth, fantastic tablecloth.
    Get friendly with all your estate agents or even leaflet roads or areas you want to live in - and perhaps get your sewing machine out again....

  6. I know this probably wasnt the intention of your post, but it made my day. Seriously I laughed out loud, and not at your misfortune but at the words: no games to play go watch TV. I have a feeling sometime in my life I will echo those words as well.

    Here's to you and getting those creative juices flowing again!

  7. Oh, Tif! I can so sympathize with your feeling of lack of motivation... I have that a lot. :p I love the tablecloth though, and would snap something like that right up (if I had my own house, with my own dining table; alas I still live with my parents)!!

    Here's to unpacking and rediscovering your creative knack! :)

  8. I think we should stop feeling guilty that our "craft blogs" have had real life intrude upon them. What could be more reassuring to any crafter out there other than the knowledge that everyone has real lives their balancing on top of the wonderful and amazing things they create. Eventually we'll go back to creating and all will be well in the world.

    And I LOVE the tablecloths...

  9. I love the table cloth, you could take custom orders for people wishing for their own slogans - "eat your greens", "don't lick your knife", "no pudding", it could just go on and on . . .

  10. Once again, you had me in giggles with this latest post. I shouldn't have laughed at your misfortune, but when I clicked on the garage photo, I was beside myself. Just what is that red thing anyway? The tablecloth is a hoot! I'd want mine emblazoned with the words "Eat Out!" Your husband is right--you need a good dose of fabric therapy. Once you spend some time in your studio, the motivation will return.

  11. the table cloths is FABULOUS! start making them by the dozen : )

  12. I can understand the frustration. just get out a few things to work on and keep up this idea with the tablecloth i love it.

    just the other day I was at a thrift shop and saw a whole bag of doilies and lace and thought of you. are you interested in them if I find some or are you all stocked up? I love your work and can not wait until your shop is back up and running. enjoy the time off and continue with the inspiration.

  13. thank you for all the wonderful positive comments on the table cloth...

    devinemom, i am always on the look out for mum hunts them down and i also have a lovely friend, Laura who 'thrifts' on my behalf :)

    if you ever see anything like doilies and lace at a great price, i am always can contact me via email whenever you like :)

  14. i would like a cloth that reads...

    get the dog off the bloody table
    what is it????
    can we have a takeaway?
    ah well - at least you gave it a go......

    the shame - i am a bad housewife
    i knew i would be, that is why i have worked all hours so that i would never be in the position i am in now - as the main chef of the house.

    what can you do?

    lovin your work - keep sewing - and the new home will come x

    tracy x

  15. I am bad right now. But I have people waiting on me for their items, so I really need to get motivated. It is hard not to get fried. You are really the funniest lady...I laugh when I read your posts.

  16. Oh, much much tablecloth love!
    Simply beautiful. Creative and inspiring.
    You have inspired this procrastinator to get busy, too!

    My first creation will be a grocery list.
    After I feed the body(s), I can work on the soul.


  17. Procrastination is not good at all, but I think a lot of us are experts in the matter.
    That tablecloth is delicious! So original, unique, I think it will be a hit in your store!
    Happy house hunting!!

  18. What a great idea + it's looks so good with your chairs. i love the contrasting thread and the use of vintage lace + doilys. i really love everything you make, but you already know that right?
    good luck on the house hunting, maybe the yelow one was not meant to be, it seemed to require a lot of work, work that would cut into your family time and creative outlet time. sorry about your mouse that's a sweet obit.

  19. oops that was from me...lily, good day!

  20. I must say it is truly wonderful(the tablecloth) retro-y,vintage-y,yet rather modern and with that witty wink!So funny ,my motivation seems to be returning,after quite the sabbatical!!