Friday, September 7

an inspector calls...

i woke up this morning with a skip in my step, after all i had several 'crafty' things to think about, first my latest copy of Selvedge had turned up in the mail and secondly i had managed to visit the yarn shop yesterday. that could only mean that today was going to be a lovely day of kids in school and me with my reading material and knitting supplies, sigh...

but it soon turned out to be not such a lovely morning and i am not quite as excited fact i am at the point of renaming my blog to something along the lines of "a few easy steps to living the life of a mad woman" or maybe "how to mess up every time when you aren't even trying" or perhaps "overwhelmed and under qualified"...of course i have broken one of my blogger rules just be typing this little section. my blogger rule book in my head clearly states "#1. do not post on your blog under any circumstances if you are on the verge of a breakdown." very sensible advice i think... well i have blown that one sky please i ask who ever it is that looked down on me this morning and thought this would be amusing, i have news for isn't.

so it would appear i have made a big blunder (that is putting it mildly)...allow me to explain dear readers, a few weeks back i decided to put all my flickr pictures to private. for sometime now i have been contacted by lots of lovely crafters out there wanting to be 'buddies' and that's just fine by me...however i really didn't want to be 'buddies' with men that get their kicks from wearing slips and other things. i'm sorry if i offend anyone but i just don't want to be dealing with looking at profiles and photos through half squinted eyes case i see something i don't want to, let alone my kids coming across it all..."no problem" i said to myself, i will just spend hours putting everything to private. oh the fool that i am, i have been so caught up in vacations, kids, house buying and everything else that i didn't check my little basic website...

for the past few weeks or even longer my little website (which really is rather sad) hasn't had any pictures on it, just nice lovely big rectangles saying "this photo is currently unavailable"...oooh how professional looking. then to add to this situation i am alerted to the 'problem' by readers of a newspaper that ran the Etsy article from way back when, TODAY!! i a twit or what, it never occurred to me that these articles appear all over the place and now lovely people on the east coast are frustrated as hell with me and i can see decent website, etsy shop really is a rubbish kind of day. "Tif" you say "quickly go change your photos to public and it will all be sorted out", oh if only it were that easy. i did that and it still doesn't show up on my website because the URL changes...and while we are at it i have managed to mess up all my archives on my little blog....oh and did i mention the inspector did his thing on the yellow house and let's just say he took my "rose colored" spectacles right off dropped them on the ground and crushed them under his boot...

i have resorted to 'fines' if i find any piles in our current house as it is an uphill struggle to keep this house in a marketable far 'used dog' owes me two dollars for spilling her bowl of dried food...

oh yes, she's screwing up left, right and center... and oh no, she won't be knitting today ~ Tif

see, even the frigging 'spacers' and 'lines' are against me...


  1. what a beast of a day/week/etc. Must have been in the air. I had a very frustrating week too. It's OK to breakdown on the web. It's good for the soul. Oh, and the yarn is lovely.

  2. i still think you are great!
    good thing are coming your way sweetie..

    :) laura

  3. don't give yourself a hard time tif, this is just a hiccup...a long drawn out hiccup, but a hiccup none the less. one of those weeks.

    and that yarn (wool?) is beautiful, very dottie angel colours.

    who did your website for you? couldn't they get the pics back up for you?

  4. I am so sorry things have turned horrid! I have enough trouble just posting pictures on my blog. They don't want to go where I want them to. I thought everyone had lovely, perfect lives in blogland when I first started reading them. Not true! Best wishes for next week being a whole lot better.

  5. Yummy yarns - get knitting and stop worrying!
    Men can find a sexual element to most things, as long as none of them contact you directly don't worry.
    Actually don't worry about anything.
    Flickr - let it all hang out.

  6. You are an artist - these things are allowed to happen - at least thats sort of what I say when my paypal basket fails to work because the URL changed, or my photos load upside down (yep really professional website is mine)
    Our airstream arrives in a couple of months - I need to source polish because I has to be mirror like in the midst of my flowers.
    I hate it when people remove rose tinted glasses - I hope they aren't broken into too many pieces. I have a friend who bought herself some rose tinted glasses for her 40th birthday and now wears them all the time (perhaps even in bed, though I haven't checked)

  7. Hang in there! Everything will be just fine...
    Lovely yarn!!

  8. man came home and picked up the pieces of my mini "breakdown" and we are slowly working it through...Jane, i will live through you for a while and admire your 'airstream in the flowers' gleaming away...Francesca, my little website was homegrown by myself, which would explain it's "easy to fall apart" attitude...poppy, isn't that just the truth. gigibird, always appreciative of your advice and plain talking....and everyone else i thank you for your support...

    and the yarn is a cotton glace from Rowan...more on that one next week :)

  9. breathe in .....
    breathe out.......
    breathe in......
    breathe out.......

    And know we're all out here rooting for you.
    Hope it helps.


  10. wow.....doesn't sound like fun. I'm sorry that the whole day was stinky---hope you were able to salvage something sweet in it!

  11. Everything always has to be so confusing, you know? It just can't be easy for those of us not so computer savvy. Everything is gonna be alright...

  12. These things are sent to try us. Keep smiling hun.

  13. the comment i'd really like to leave has lots of sympathetic swearing in it. but i'm back in teacher mode so instead i'll say this:
    computers are beastly.
    hope you get everything sorted out without to much (more) trouble. chin up xx

  14. Breaking your blog rule #1 is a good thing. What better place to vent than on your blog? And I'd feel the same way about the slips {with the men}...

    Hope today is going better for you! :)

  15. I think it's a fabulous idea to post when you're on the edge of a breakdown! Them your pals can tell you that everything will be ok! I hope you can get it sorted out in no time - I'm sure you will. I usually find that everything looks more manageable the next morning.