Friday, June 29

parting is such sweet sorrow...(courtesy of Mr W. Shakespeare)

the CLOSED sign hangs in my little shop window and the last of the custom slips are drying in the laundry room...and you find Tif at her little blue desk feeling a wee bit i look back over the past few months (thanking the man who invented archives on blog spot) i see we have come a long way together...

amongst the many laughs and tears we've shared we have...
1. mastered crock pot cooking (that is a bit debateable)
2. thrifted our hearts out
3. crafted till our fingers nearly bled
4. featured in the newspaper
5. went shopping in France
6. fought the dark side

7. avoided a whole load of things
8. found a multitude of 'angels in disguise' (there are so many more i haven't mentioned yet)
9. reached a hundred sales on Etsy
10. discovered that Chocolate Spread is far superior to Nutella (oh yes it is)
11. found out you require a zimmer frame when purchasing wedges
12. fake tanning lotion and hotel conditioners are not for the faint hearted
13. named a pretty sweet door Miss Josephina Lola
14. learnt that fairy tales can come true...

so as i pack up my bags and head across the pond it leaves me to tell you that i will miss our daily chats over the next few have become a part of my life that i really enjoy. i'm not sure what i have given you, but you have all helped me find something that i lost a long time ago (and we are not talking cutting tools here...) it's a thing called CONFIDENCE and you have helped me start to believe in myself and my abilities again and for that i thank you kindly..

i shall not be too far away. if and when i get near internet access you can be sure i will be lurking on your blogs or checking emails...i will miss you all and if you miss me enough to wait for me, i'll be back at my little blue desk, blogging my heart out with a journal full of events from bonny England on

wishing you hot summer days in the park or warm winter nights by the fire depending on where you live on our lovely planet ~ Tif


  1. have a great trip tif...can't wait to see and hear all about it!

    xo laura

    ps love your outfit!!!

  2. ooh! you tricked me!! i thought you were closing for good + forever...darn you:)
    i was thinking...but...but...she was posting so frequently...and...and..her shop is so beautiful...and why...but..then i just realized...its just a holiday! you tricky little thing, you.
    have a wonderful time!! see ya when you return...or find some signal:)

  3. NO! DON'T GO. I love your blog. Now I'll stop thinking about myself. Have a great trip Tif and come back with lots of inspiration. Look forward to your return.
    Mwa, Laura.

  4. my, you travel in style. might have known you wouldn't be seen at the airport with a set of matching samsonites! have a wonderful, wonderful time. we will miss you :)

  5. Fare thee well over there on the other side. Any plans to meet up with any bloggers over there?
    That're renewing my dream to renovate something like our old turquoise Samsonite luggage from the 70s. Someday I'm going to find that same set we used to have and revamp them with big, chunky wheels. Someday.
    Seriously, have a great time.

  6. Hope you have a great trip. I'll miss your latest chapter with my morning cuppa (while my darling boys sit transfixed by the TV) - I'm such a 'perfect' mum!

  7. Enjoy your trip....go have many wonderful adventures :)

  8. Have a fantastic time!
    I'd love to see photos of you trying to get your shopping trolley on the plane!Is it going as hand luggage!
    Please tell me you aren't going to risk those beautiful vintage suitcases at the mercy of airport handlers!?!
    I'll be away in Norway when you get back for won't 'see' you till early August. xxx

  9. Have a wonderful holiday, you certainly know how to travel in style x

  10. I fear for those cases at Gatwick.

  11. You look so cute in your traveling outfit with all your lovely suitcases!

  12. I've enjoyed your stories and will wait to hear more upon your return. Hope you have/had a great journey! Nancy

  13. do not fear for my lovely suitcases, i had four children just for such occasions :) they each get one to carry on as handluggage..clever eh!

    the natty little basket will stay home for a rest but i am on the look out for one in the UK to use while in my trailer..even the kids have agreed that it would be good for getting the fish and chips in, or walking to the beach..anything to avoid them having to carry something!

  14. have a wonderful holiday (where are you going?) and what a great series of pictures! That head-scarf, fab.

  15. i am heading off to the bright lights of the UK...i have packed my wellies so it is guaranteed to stop raining and become a heat wave over there...

  16. Oh, it's not fair, I only discovered you yesterday and you're away for a whole month! I love your blog, you're a very talented lady and sooo inspiring. Can't wait to read more. Ignore hubby and comments about capitals and full stops and dots..........that's part of the charm....we're not here to give anyone gold stars for grammar after all.
    Are you really bringing a heatwave to the UK? I hope so, we've had rains for weeks now and I need some sun for my own holiday in July. I really don't want a wet week in Cornwall again :)

    Have a wonderful time, take lots of pics, check out the charity shops and boot sales while you're here!

  17. Have a great trip - send my regards to blighty. It is too long since I was there and too long till I will be there.

    I long for a day walking round the silk shops in Soho fantasizing about all the things I may never make.

  18. I'm not sure where in our beautiful Country you're going to be staying, but please, please, please will you bring some sunshine with you? Hope you have a lovely holiday and I look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return.

  19. hope you have heaps of fun! although i AM a little concerned that those wee suitcases might not have enough room for shopping spoils we're expecting to see... you might have to pick up a few more : )

  20. Ohhh you look adorable! Have a wonderful trip sweet lady Tif :) Shop your booty off and break in those wedges!

  21. Hope you have a wonderful trip!!! Hope your prophecy of sun when you come is true - it's not done much but rain in recent days!!! Have fun and I look forward to hearing about the tip!

  22. Love the outfit and the cases. I hope you have the most wonderful trip. I would so love to be in your shoes at the moment!!! Totally jealous. Hope you find plenty of treasure on your trip - travelling with kids sure has its advantages when it comes to bringing bits and pieces home - plenty of luggage limit!!!

  23. Oooo...fashionista you! I love the suitcases and have fun on your vacation. I would love to go on vacation again...we went early in the season.