Tuesday, June 26

the little boy and the beanstalk...

if you are sitting comfortably then i shall begin...
ONCE upon a time in a far off land there lived a little boy who had been sick for over a week. the little boy lived with his 'beautiful YOUNG stylish creative' mother and his three siblings...somewhere in the background was his 'handsome OLDER' father.
one sunny hot day the little boy's mother called him to her side

"dearest child you have been sick for over a week, i am weak with lack of sleep and i can no longer care for my garden. take this money and go to the market and bring me back some pretty plants"
"but mummy dearest, can i buy some beans?"
"dearest child, we can not decorate the garden with beans alone, now run along and do not disappoint your YOUNG mother"
"yes mummy dearest"...
and so the little boy popped his twenty dollar bill safely in his pocket and headed out to buy some plants, when he reached the market he wandered around looking for just the right ones...he kept coming back to the orange flowers because he liked the pom pom heads. he then added a large red flower with some ivy and paid his money.

on returning the little boy set to work in the hot midday sun. he dug and he toiled and then he started planting his new flowers...and when all was done he called for his YOUNG mother

"mummy dearest, please come quick so you may see your lovely plants on the porch"

" why dearest child, what a joy you are, you have made our house look respectable again"

then the little boy took his YOUNG mother by the hand and showed her a 'magic' plant he had grown in the back yard

"why dearest child where did that come from?"

"mummy dearest, i took the change from the dollar bill and bought one 'bean' on the way home, i planted it and it grew this big in one afternoon, by tomorrow it will reach the sky and i will climb my 'magic' plant, find a giant, steal his goose that lays golden eggs and you will never have to do the laundry and cook again and we can live happily ever after"

and they both sat on the porch with a cold glass of orange squash admiring the flowers and dreaming of a goose that lays golden happily ever after


thanking you for all the studio love ~ Tif


  1. Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh after a tough day at work!
    Have a great trip to France if I don't catch up with you before you leave.

  2. alison,
    i am afraid that i live in a imaginative world to the point that i do not make it clear which is real and which is my imagination...
    i will not be vacating in france but in england...however i have taken my french market sac just in case Johnny Depp drops Vanessa and asks me to come and live with him in france, i know i will be prepared :)

  3. dottie and potty me thinks. that was a joy to read as ever.
    i think the prickly pear cactus i gave my husband is dying now. i really am the original plant murderer. maybe i should enlist my one 1/2 year old for some help.

  4. What a great story! Have you got somebody to water your flowers while you're away otherwise they might get very thirsty!

  5. such a lovely story, beautiful photos too! Very clever and I take it the handsome young man is all well again?

  6. that has made me laugh out loud!. if you are coming to the uk, better pack a rain mac. after a mini heat wave at easter (we spent it on the beach in cornwall!), i swear to you, i has done nothing but rain ever since.

    i'm still after a new pair of flip flop type sandals (did see a rather nice pair in clarks sale this morning, so may have to nip back later) but ended up buying WELLIES at the weekend for the school run!!!.

  7. I have a few of those 'beanstalks' in my yard. Hopefully there's more than one golden egg-laying goose at the end!

  8. do not fear for my lovely new plants, my man will not be crossing the waters with us...he will be left home in charge of plants and animals :)

  9. well, i'm very sleepy (good job i'm already wearing my pj's), great bed time story tif! where will you be visiting when you come over here? x

  10. for the first few days i will be heading to Cambridge and London (for some serious shopping!!) and then the south coast of Devon...ahhh my favorite place to the seaside :)

  11. What a lovely illustrated story & Francesca just so you know Jonny Depp is mine if he ever dumps Vanessa!

  12. whoops sorry Tif I think I just called you Francesca, I was half reading what she wrote whilst typing.. as you know I had a late night....anyway he's still mine!!

  13. if the sewing doesn't work out then perhaps a career in fiction?
    As we say over here, the flowers look lovely.

  14. Who's going to France then? Someone's going to France! Who on earth is it? Mind's gone blank. *stamping foot*....I want to go to France! Humph! (and England)

  15. i am more than happy to be called Francesca...maybe some of her talent will rub off on me :)

    as to our Johnny...words fail me, sigh...

  16. it is a mystery that needs to be solved...i would also like to know who is going to france there fore heightening their chances of getting Johnny D before me...

  17. I will probably be going to France later this year but as yet I have only discussed it with Harry.....I wonder if he has his own blog and blabbed?

  18. What a grand story, lovely pictures, and a great blog! I love it every time I visit! Nancy