Tuesday, April 10

me and my washing machine...

so saturday was spent in the laundry room having a 'love/hate' relationship with the washing machine. 'hate' because i had 7 (yes, 7) loads of laundry from a 5 day vacation (not to mention the 7 loads i did for us to go on our trip). anyhow the 'love' i shared with my machine was because it dyed all 27 half and full slips in the most beautiful colors. of course my machine cannot really take full credit for this, it was aided by the wonderful acid dyes that i had ordered in the mail from dharmatrading. i had only sent for a sample of salmon, teal, brown and olive green. to tell you the truth i was a little scared to try this out because a) the colors were very vibrant and b) i have a front loader and all the instructions i have ever come across in the U.S are always for a top loader machine. while i was on 'boring' load #3, i threw caution to the wind and tried the teal and look what i got...

and then i tried salmon

then brown

and finally olive green

i must admit that i didn't use as much of the dye as they recommended, because i really wanted a softer look. needless to say the other 4 loads of 'hate' laundry did not get done until sunday...

after customizing some of the 'newly' dyed slips yesterday, i decided to have a go at getting some photos of them with a 'body' inside...this is usually impossible to do, as when i need to take photos of my slips it is generally in the middle of the day when no one is around to help. so i thought i would attempt to take a picture looking in the mirror...this did cause me some distress as a) i did not want to see my head and b) even though our #1's room is newly painted and pretty clutter free, i seemed to get more of everything else and less of the slip. have told husband that it is time to invest in a beautiful old mannequin so my photos will be perfect, he kindly reminded me "and with what money would that be, Tif" and so for now it is either me in the mirror ( i don't think so), #1's bright red dress form called Nora or just hanging them up with pegs...

*sigh* Tif


  1. I looooove the new colors :) Can't wait to see they new slips when there added!
    P.S. do you ever do "larger size" slips (ie: 14/16???)

  2. i'm working on it, just watch this space...thanks for your lovely comments :)

  3. Yay!!!
    You just made my day :) I'm on your Etsy shop daily hittin' refresh and read your blog each morning w/ my coffee.

  4. oh dear mother

    when were you in my room taking photographs? silly silly

    we still have to change that picture of 'our meg'

  5. meg, you have no idea the things i get up to when you are at school


  6. lindz. glad to have a loyal reader :) it makes it all worth it!!